Some of my favourite photos i took today, inbetween shoving my lens into peoples faces and blinding them with flash... mwahahahhaha...

I really like the colours in this photo, and the fishies silly face. silly, silly face. (thanks luke). I like how detailed the photos come out, i'm used to using b+w film so digital still seems new even though i've used it before.

leaves. i like leaves. i noticed the complementary red and green, and was interested in the textures and stuff. And i remembered how to do depth of field. which is nice.

Scary faced mannequins wearing disturbingly bad undies. Unfortunately i had to take this one through a window so there's some reflections i would like to get rid of.
There's just so many things wrong with this. It scares me.

And nice interesting architecture that everyone else also took a photo of. i don't care, i'm really into taking photos of architecture and stuff, i did some for an old project and really got into stuff by the constructivists. yeah.


my day...

has been spent making unbearably cute kittens in photoshop...

...very productive.

best website in the world: stuffs on my cat!!!

i'll finish the template later!! been distracted...



i'm halfway through editing my template, so that's why this page looks a bit crap at the moment. i'll finish it off later, i've just got to run off and sort out a scary waterbill, addressed to someone called Sionnuala.


hello there

This is Fionnuala. hi. *waves*
Incase you haven't noticed me i'm the girl with a bad fringe and an unpronouncealbe name.