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i'm in second life again...

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is an adventure game inside second life, where you can't fly around or use the camera to cheat (grrrr...). "Numbakulla belongs to Moopf Murray, who kindly allowed the Pot Healer team to build and develop the sim as an immersive game of exploration and puzzles." - Numbakulla info card in SL.
The backstory (or what i've been able to find out so far) is of a ship caught in a storm and crashing into an island, which is quite a strange place really. You wander around the island clicking everything you see and collecting objects, keys, lamps, spanners, and i'm pretty sure i'm supposed to be finding bits of pottery.

view from the skyship, which kinda makes up for not being able to fly around.

interesting textures on the lilypads.

for this tree they've applied leaf textures onto spheres, which i think works really well, may swipe this idea.

there are some fun interactive things to play with there, like these steel drums, which make playing the game more fun. i found myself getting a bit frustrated about not finding things in all the rooms i was looking in, so i spent some time jamming.

just pretty...

little pod rooms and huge flowers...

my eyes are going funny...

i have spent alot of time "researching" in second life. Trying to get an idea of how to recreate organic environments in 3d, and possible ways of interacting with the environment.

amazingly cool things at svarga!!! go there....go... Svarga is an island in second life with it's own eco system, which visitors can explore and interact with the local wildlife.

birdies!! they fly around during the day time (you can tell what time of day it is by the sundials spotted around the place, forcing the sun doesn't affect the environment) and they eat seed that you can buy for L$1.

i like feeding the birds... they eat it up quickly though.

"If I was to turn off the clouds the whole system would die in about six hours, turn off the bees and [the plants stop] growing, because nothing gets pollinated. And it's the transfer of pollen that signals the plants to drop seeds. The seeds blow in the wind, and if they land on good ground according to different rules for each species, they grow when they receive rain water from the clouds. It's all interdependent." - Laukosargas Svarog (creator of svarga)

a plant that goes "poooff" and little seedy things come out.

a field of blue bells which bloom as soon as you land in the field, which is a really nice effect.

there are some really interesting plant structures there too, and i couldn't help myself getting all arty taking photos. Spirals seem to be a really popular element when trying to recreate organic forms in SL.


and more spirals and things in a really large plant thing.

there are a lot of flowers around the place, some of which are really quite pretty.

"It's very sensitive to very small changes, like if a gene emerges which gives a plant an extra seed in its lifetime, that can cause huge growth in its locale. And the opposite of course, one less causes thinning growth. I've also seen the same color become a dominant gene so all the meadow cup plants became blue once. Simple things like that emerge quite often." Laukosargas Svarog (creator of svarga)

mmmm.... virtual photography...

more info on svarga

Musing in a breeze of 3.084464mph

Object-Name: Fio's blogging laptop
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Island rationale (make into proper words when brain is functioning)


- excuse to experiment more in maya, try to develop a more organic style of animation (shitloads of work etc)
- create not so much of a story, but a world with an eco system to explore, with a history
- since I want to do a good job with the animation and design etc, will probably just create a demo version so I’m not setting too much work for myself
- SVARGA – island in second life with own eco system, need to research more. Interact with the environment and take screen grabs.
- Target auidience probably same people interested in things like Svarga / Myst? Not sure since I’m not a gamey type.
- Tree on an alien planet? Probably simplest explanation. Maybe alternate imaginary earth type thing. The horrible effects of nano technolgy in future – everything is fake?
- Life forms to look into – insects, other bugs, plant life, under sea life.
- Use photographs as reference – textures / structures


pretty lights at the V+A

i was hoping to upload some of my photos or videos of this but unfortunately my mac doesn't like my phone. which is annoying.

anyway... while i was in london last weekend i saw this amazing interactive art work thing at the victoria and albert museum, which you should pop down and see if you get the chance. pillars full of LEDs that light up and behave in different ways when you move closer to them, with very interesting sound design by one of the guys out of Massive Attack, which adds to the effect produced by the lights, which is very calming and serene.
I've taken some photos of the display and peoples reactions to it (which were interesting, especially the childrens) on my film SLR, so hopefully some of them will be interesting, have to wait till i use the rest of the film...

piccie from V+A website, linky

one thing though, V+A claims to have one of the worlds most important collections of photographs, but why aren't they showing them all? the gallery space is tiny, and it was frustrating to see work in the virtual gallery (on low res screens!! dammit i have standards now!) and not see it in real life. Real gallery space is better than virtual, for now atleast.

i also went to cyberdog in camden, not just for the sale... um.. i was researching the effects of technology and digital media on peoples perceptions of fashion and themselves. if you've never been you should go for the sheer fun of being in a techno party in the middle of the day, and all the cool people that dress up as cyborgs. there's also a cool stall nearby that sells jewlery and notebooks made out of mother boards and various computer parts... i have earings :)

zefrank plays with his wii


technology isn't all fun and games... apparently.
last link to zefrank... i swear.


zefrank on second life


anshe chung, unicorns, beavers, virtual sexual harrasment, vinci, yes yes.

who likes all the little duckies in the pond? i do, i do, i do, achikka quack quack.


before he's completely annihalated...

here's the snowman i built in second life over xmas..

and here's me sitting on a virtual loo.

under the sea...

i think that undersea life was an influence on the design of the creatures in alias' video, so i think i may research into it aswell to help broaden and develop my ideas.


Stranded in a lame hotel in london [again... but this time on a lame matress which would make my back inoperable in the upcoming couple of days and result in an addiction to generic paracetamol tabbies and a lack of movement] trying to do some college work inbetween running around the tube like an imbecile.

brainstorming what island means...

liking the idea of something surrounded by something else...

isolation leads to optomistic ideas...

i quite like the idea of HYPERSPAAACE, since it's a little obsession of mine and it means you can basically make anything in a parallell universe, but i've already gone down that path before (hyperspace bubble of doooom) so i'm going to see what other stuff i can come up with.

i've been having some trouble coming up with ideas, since i'm not really that into games and i have an amazingly short attention span. So i want to make sure that i make an idea that interests me, so i don't get bored senseless...

I've been trying to find out more about the video for alias' sixes last, since it's the only idea that i've really got any clue of how i want to develop it and what kind of direction i want to go in. sort of. basically i want to rip them off, completely.
"Them" is 1st Ave machine, who also have a very nice website. "1st Ave Machine create high end design work by employing 3D in ways that blur the line between what we percieve as real and impossible."

time for pretty stills:

i first thought of taking photographs or video of trees and then putting the 3D ontop, into the environment but i'm starting to think that it might be a bit tricky. i'm not the best tree climber in the world and i don't think i'll be able to get my hands on a crane for a camera. So unless i decide to use a low lying piece of shrubbery i may create the tree and environment in maya aswell, using photographs for reference. Creating the environment also means i'll be able to control the environment more effectively, deciding what season and time of day it is throughout the story.

i also had a little natter with lukie about my idea, and he told me about this film that was never ever made, but maybe one day could be. It's by the people that made spirited away and graveyard of the fireflies (studio ghibli). It's about borro the caterpillar who lives in a tree, and his whole world is there, but eventually he turns into a butterfly and moves to the neighbouring tree, which is like a whole different planet to little borro. I've been googling all morning and the only evidence i've managed to find is this strange little email which also discusses the old poop wars of japan. freaky email.
i quite like the idea of using a caterpillar as a character, some of them are quite strange looking...

mmm... google image search...

and this berry would look funky if made into a 3D object...



digital constructivism

interesting bit of writing relating the ideas of constructivism to digital media. a bit brief but there are some interesting ideas.



this man is GOD.

*hugs radiohead "The most gigantic lying mouth of all time" DVD* there's lots of interesting stuff on there too. Radiohead were going to have their own tv channel, but then the big CEO types got scared and cancelled it. it's lots of artsy videos and clips of radiohead in the studio and such. and if you buy it from the official shop in comes in cool packaging with radiohead logos stamped on it. which made me squeal.


my perverts guide to cinema dvd still hasn't come though... :(


ideeeeas... come to meee...

one idea i had about islands is trees, inspired by this video for "sixes last" by alias. the animation is yummy. i really like the idea of mechanical organics...
i'm thinking of creating a whole little world on a real tree or plant, or some other object, filled with little charcters and objects done in 3d, as i would like to play with maya some more... i need to doodle and brainstorm and sleep.

watching 120 minutes

i <3 mtv2. i miss it so.
anyways, i spent many nights back home watching weird / interesting / good videos.

mogwai - friend of the night

colder - to the music

skin - faithfulness