i hate flash and flash hates me.






in context free.

i'm hoping to use animations of these in my flash game thingy. i want the do be visual representations / reactions to the sounds that happen.
found some great sounds of tibetan singing bowls. and if your bored here's a virtual shamisen. hours of fun making twangy noises.



crazy cameras.
crazy mofo camera
not so crazy, but still a bit wobbly
not that crazy really, but does swerve off into the wrong direction at one point.
maya also has something against frame 043, for some strange reason it renders a blank frame.

i've also been playing around with context free but it confuses me a bit... because it involves maths... i'm crap at maths.
but holy mother of crap.

i shall conquer second life

riding on my giant kitty.


she don't use cheese

camera setup / frame labeling:

or in english:

control panel ideas:

i think i might make it slightly transparent, so if it does go over part of a branch or flower it will still be visible underneath.

she don't use jelly

faffing in flash...

faff 1
a quick little beta thing which shows how the user will be able to navigate around the branch (a whole tree is a bit much methinks). At the moment it's in a similar style to those powerpoint presentations we did ages ago; invisible buttons to navigate around still images. for the final finished thing i would like to use animation to show movement from one part of the branch to another, at the moment it seems a bit disjointed as the camera angle changes. i just need to figure out how to make working motion paths in maya.
the interface isn't too developed in this little thing. the invisible buttons will probably be the same in the finished thing, but to go back there's a little button in the top left hand corner. although it works fine it seems a bit too simple, i'm thinking of creating a little control bar with various different buttons including "back". i want the environment to be viewed in different ways: 3d render, vector and wireframe, so these controls will be included in the control bar.

things i've animated:
seed animation 1
seed animation 2
i swear they're different.
one of the sections of the game will let you face away from the tree and see these seeds falling. you can then interact with them, drag them around and make them fall apart.

for my sound design i want to have wierd disjointed plinky plonky stuff. sigur ros / bjork-ish.
the sound of an out of tune guitar string being plucked when you click a flower and make it implode.
some flowers that play different piano notes when you click their petals, giving you the oppurtunity to make a little ditty.
wierd rustly noises. maybe something sounding like a synthesizer dying. white noise when you go into wireframe mode. wine glasses being played / smashed. beads.
i need to play in garageband.


some renders...

i shall be using in my little beta thing.


virtual flower arranging

i should be slobbing right now... uugh.


tweedle dee

watching this never ceases to amuse me.


a nice orderly list of all the different interactions i'm thinking of using in my game eco system world thing. yeah.

- change the colour of petals by clicking on them
- change from wireframe to full pretty 3d render / vector colour (make it look like ink)
- affect the falling of seeds, drag them around, follow the mouse
- make flowers poof out seeds
- make some things implode, the odd seed or flower implosion
- click the petals to make music?
- click seeds to make flowers grow?

i would really like to do something encorporating the ideas of the game of life, but since i'm only just starting to learn action script really (even though it seems very easy so far) and my math skills are terrible i don't want to do anything that will confuse me too much. i might come back to it later. this is a nice game where mushrooms grow according to the rules of the game of life. it's fun.

also loads of fun:
dendron - make lichen grow
meshy - interactive cats cradle
space hopper SO MUCH FUN
and my personal favourite...
all by gavin levin, you can find more fun things at flong.com

interesting pages from "creative code" by John Maeda (good book, go buy it!)...


love hate relationship with maya

i'm sitting in the computer room all on my lonesome making seeds and seedlings in maya and nibbling on peanut m+ms and am very much getting miffed with how i can't figure out how to import textures with transparancies. rah.
also, i can't figure out how to render in wireframe mode, which is something i want to possibly use... rah rah rah. so far i've just been converting screen grabs to b+w to make some nice stuff to use on my website.

i think i'm going to use photoshop and flash to make everything look more nice and textured, cos i want there to be lots of lovely texture dammit. i want to use graphite rubbings of leaves and stuff scanned in and made all colourful, but alas the park near me is a bit too well maintained. luckily i'm going home in a few days and there's loads of dead leaves around there.

i like how i have flash at home. it's good.

i think i'm going to have to create the environment in flash, i'm just getting too frustrated with maya! i don't have enough time to faff around with it enough to get something i'm happy with, so i'm just going to use it to create the smaller elements (flowers and seeds and stuff), although i might attempt to make a branch in maya tommorow.

hmm... damn my brain having ideas above my abilities... well i don't think my idea would be that hard to do, it's just maya is being annoying.


i like blogging so much

i've set up another blog especially for when i've had too much sugar and caffine and want to ramble about all the books i read and maybe other stuff too.


ooh eee ooh eee ooh eee ooh... aaah.

fake living

from "creative code" by John Maeda



hmm... making my own textures might be an idea. colours look a bit naff.
may or may not use this model in my final piece, just trying to remember how to do things in maya. :)


1st feb - 4th feb
initial ideas - pre vis
faff in maya
photos of trees etc

5th feb - 11th feb
continue faffing in maya
animate things

12th feb - 18th feb
reading week
break into college to do work
faff around in SL while at home to hide from the fact i'm screwed.

19th feb - 20th feb