someone teach me how to use blender.




life in the third world (....that's derby then)

this broadband conncection is not 2mb, and this pc is falling apart and refuses to let second life work. but atleast i have myspace!! YES.

the main reason i'm surviving this sudden drop in shiny techno-ness is i now have a lovely shiny ds lite, and have been playing nintendogs almost continuously. And final fantasy 3 although i am now stuck. there's a shadow following me and it scares me. and the monsters keeping beating up Arc which upsets me.

hopefully i'm going to be able to get a wireless network sorted out so i can come back online and faff like i used to. and i've got that website to work on too.

anyway.... yeah... i'm alive. my imac is now just a glorified cd player but we're holding on.

mmmm.... potential wifi connection at home... mmmm...