the sooper amazing wonderful plan.

of joy.

Last term I decided I was all interested in ubiquitous technology and wearable technology, and that I would like to make some. I have since realized that it could get quite complicated and possibly even a bit expensive on my lowly budget but I'm still going to give it a try. As I have no idea where to start, I started off by buying some books.

My hope is that by combining this one:

With this one:

(it may have the word "fashion" in the title, but it tells you how to make circuits with conductive thread, which makes it cool. and anyway, you should be in awe of my lovely laminate flooring.)

I can make a piece of potentially wearable technology that can communicate with other computers.

I think it all sounds rather magical. Here's a diagram of how i envision it all working:

A processing application on a website allows you to send information through the internet to the program on a computer with bluetooth, which then transmits a signal to the micro-controller on the device, which then does it's thing. I could do this with wifi and potentially get rid of the computer with bluetooth, but that would be so complicated it would make my head explode, and as this is my first attempt at doing this sort of thing I want to keep it as simple as possible.

Now I just need to look into the little bits and bobs that I need to get this working.


nuvver web layout idea

tell me what you think.