oh god...

they're releasing this on xbox 360.
that makes me want to cry.
and want an xbox 360.
that's not fair.

the research continueth...

CBBC idents....

These idents are aimed at older children, and there's a mix of 2d and 3d animation aswell as live action. The mix of animation and live action seems to represent the childs view of the world, with cartoon characters running riot around streets and causing destruction. Drifferent typography is used in each section of the idents, spelling out CBBC, but not too much type is included as children may not be able to read at the speed of the ident, and keeping the focus on the characters included, some of which are from shows on the channel.

cbeebies ident...

The ident for cbeebies, aimed at younger children is far more simpler. instead of too much flashy animation and typography, it uses limited but bright colours and yellow blobby characters playing with each other and forming different shapes. On both of the channels idents the final screen only includes the name of the channel and the bbc logo, keeping the information included to a minimum.


research beggineth

i've chosen to do custard for my credit sequence, as i appear to be quiet adept at making cute yet incredibly annoying things. i'm hoping to expand on all of that, and hopefully improve my illustrator skills in the process (if it decides to work at college this year).

i came across this on weebls stuff, but i'm knicking it because it's brilliant. YO! gabba gabba is probably one of the more insane kids show's i've come across. There's nice fluffy characters that jump around the screen, and colours that hurt your eyes a little bit. there's a mix of live action and animated elements, probably orginally made in illustrator. this is the opening title sequence.

The costumes aren't that great, movement seems quite minimal for the poor people stuck inside, but the characters are interesting to look at, mostly because they're brightly coloured. The editing is nice and flashy to keep the viewers attention, and maybe cause an epileptic sezuire.

this song has been stuck in my head all day...

the sound design is brilliant, and incedibly annoying.

one of my personal favourites is pocoyo. i am going to name my first born child pocoyo. and it will have to be as cute as the original pocoyo.

the animation is very well done, and the main difference to YO! gabba gabba apart from being completely computer generated is the lack of a background. the viewers attention is then completely on the characters and the events that are happening, instead of a bright distracting background. Pocoyo's world is still very colourful, and the animation of the characters is more than enough to keep the viewers attention, especially the animation of a new character called octopus, who's face changes every few seconds.

the kind of animation style i might go for might be something along the lines of dogshitterwants, whilst i don't think it's directly aimed at children, the colours, editing and plot remind me of a childrens program.


i am dogshitter wants

and i am mister mister. and you are RAPING OUR FREEDOM!!!