more making things - clouds

My hands are going to be wrecked by the end of this week. This weekend I have been putting the final touches to my clouds, amongst other things, which I will blog about later.

After putting the knitting together to at least partially look like a cloud, I got the vibe boards ready to sew into the clouds. I've been using scraps of material to hold each of the components, so it can be put together like a puzzle, which is nice and easy.

I've placed the vibe boards on the back of the clouds, so while the user is holding it they can feel the vibe better. Here's me placing it...

And it sewn in...

I then worked on the little sun for the partially sunny cloud, finishing off the back of the circuit and sewing it up.

Here he is all poofy and ready to be sewn in. The threads sticking out of him are conductive threads, ready to feed into the cloud to continue the circuit for the vibe board up to the little sun.

I then used some more scraps to make a little path for the conductive thread to go along inside the cloud.

Put the sun where I wanted him, and sewed him in.

I then tested him to make sure that he still worked, here's me attaching a temporary power source to test it.

I then connected the little sun circuit down to the vibe board circuit, and tested it all again..


Now I just need to stuff him and put the RFID card in. The RFID reader was being a little temperamental last night but seems to be working now, hopefully will still be working for the exhibition.

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