my eyes are going funny...

i have spent alot of time "researching" in second life. Trying to get an idea of how to recreate organic environments in 3d, and possible ways of interacting with the environment.

amazingly cool things at svarga!!! go there....go... Svarga is an island in second life with it's own eco system, which visitors can explore and interact with the local wildlife.

birdies!! they fly around during the day time (you can tell what time of day it is by the sundials spotted around the place, forcing the sun doesn't affect the environment) and they eat seed that you can buy for L$1.

i like feeding the birds... they eat it up quickly though.

"If I was to turn off the clouds the whole system would die in about six hours, turn off the bees and [the plants stop] growing, because nothing gets pollinated. And it's the transfer of pollen that signals the plants to drop seeds. The seeds blow in the wind, and if they land on good ground according to different rules for each species, they grow when they receive rain water from the clouds. It's all interdependent." - Laukosargas Svarog (creator of svarga)

a plant that goes "poooff" and little seedy things come out.

a field of blue bells which bloom as soon as you land in the field, which is a really nice effect.

there are some really interesting plant structures there too, and i couldn't help myself getting all arty taking photos. Spirals seem to be a really popular element when trying to recreate organic forms in SL.


and more spirals and things in a really large plant thing.

there are a lot of flowers around the place, some of which are really quite pretty.

"It's very sensitive to very small changes, like if a gene emerges which gives a plant an extra seed in its lifetime, that can cause huge growth in its locale. And the opposite of course, one less causes thinning growth. I've also seen the same color become a dominant gene so all the meadow cup plants became blue once. Simple things like that emerge quite often." Laukosargas Svarog (creator of svarga)

mmmm.... virtual photography...

more info on svarga

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